Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kroger Trip

I got all this for $33.34 that's over 71% off the regular price.
If you can't tell from the picture (I had a hard time getting it all in one shot) this is what I got:
18-boxes of Fruit Snacks
4-bottles of Purex (that will do 128 loads of laundry!!)
2-boxes OR popcorn
1-box Ritz
1-box Wheat thins
2-gallons of milk
2-cartons of Bryers ice cream
1-bunch bananas
2-heads of garlic
1-3 oz bag of pine nuts
2-16 oz packages Oscar Meyer hot dogs
2-bags of Kroger brand frozen corn
1-bag organic baby carrots
1-4 ct. Yo-Plus
1-loaf of Mrs. Baird's bread
1-Kraft B-que sauce

As you can see from the list I had a couple of splurges and I still saved a ton! For this weeks Kroger match ups you can go here.