Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Target Coupons

I just wanted to let everyone know I went to Target yesterday and had a little bit of trouble. They are really cracking down on you being able to use only one of each Target coupon per transaction. I had four of some so needless to say I was a bit frustrated. The cashier really wanted to just go ahead and take them but her manager wouldn't let her. At first the manager told me I couldn't do multiple transactions to use them either but I made it clear that I was going to go get in another line if I had to she let me do four transactions. I was very apologetic to them but firmly let them know that times were tough and I needed to use these coupons. We all know there are programs to limit the number of times a person can print a coupon so if Target doesn't want you to print them so many time then they need to change their system.