Wednesday, May 13, 2009

His Name is Jesus

Here is another book review for Thomas Nelson Publishing. If you have a blog and want to learn how you can review books too go here. I recently received the book His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado. Let me first start by saying the quality of this book in amazing. It is a beautiful hardback book filled with high quality glossy pages and pictures plus the book comes in a heavy cardboard slip case to protect it. The pictures in the book are gorgeous and match the inspirational words of the book perfectly. The stories, references, and commentary in the book are actually all from twenty of Max Lucado's other books. I had never read any of them so it was all new for me but if you were buying this as a gift for someone who really likes Max Lucado there is no new material in this book. I thought it was a very inspirational and beautiful book. It would make an excellent gift. I think I say this every time I review a book with biblical references but I really wish they had used the original King James version of the bible. I know a lot of people find the language harder to read and understand but I like it a lot better. Still this was a beautiful book and would make a good addition to anyone's library.