Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kroger and Albertson's

Sorry guys I should have put these up yesterday it was a crazy day! Here are the links to Couponing101's sale match-ups for this week.

Albertson's has some good sales this week on meat and frozen vegetables.

Kroger has some good deals on produce and cheese. 

Note: My Kroger has stopped carrying the 4-pack Cottonelle, which means no more free/cheap toilet paper. I plan on letting them know I am upset. Maybe if enough people ask for it then they will bring it back. Also beware that Kroger's coupon policy has changed and they now only double/triple one like coupon per transaction. The computer system still does three but some cashiers are overriding the system to make it only do one. If this is the case I would separate your purchases into several transactions.

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Happy Savings!