Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coupon and Freebie Round Up

Okay guys here is the deal with the sporadic blog posts. I was going to stop blogging all together but I wasn't going to stop couponing. The problem with this plan is that while I was still getting great deals now my friends and family were in the dark. A lot of times it was too late for them to get the deal or coupon so they were getting left out. This made me feel terrible so I am going to make an effort to put more stuff out there so that everyone I know has the same opportunity I do! With that being said here are some coupon and deal round ups for today.

Simple and delicious coupon book-includes $10 in coupon savings and a coupon for a free bottle of ketchup!

$2 off Snuggle Creme-remember to use the back button and print it twice

Free Sample of Idea Paint

Go here and request your FREE DVD Precious Places-Episode 1: The Princesses Save the Ball. This is by Fisher Price

$3 off Little Swimmers-Use the back button and print it twice!

$1 off any Mission product-If you aren't getting this yet PRINT IT TWICE :-)

$1 off any McCormick seasoning-Print it twice you should be able get some free seasoning with this coupon!

Also remember one of the best sources for coupons online is They update all the time so check back often especially at the beginning of the month when all the coupons are reset. Or you can support this blog and print your coupons using the tool bar on the right side of my blog the only problem is I am not sure how you get them to print twice?

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them below.

Happy Savings!