Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free I-Phone

I was skeptical too but I have been researching these offers online and they seem legitimate.  You can read more about them at one of my favorite blogs Hip2Save.  Here is how this one works.  You go here and sign up for one offer.  I did the Credit Check Total.  You get a free credit report and as long as you cancel in 10 days its free.  They also had a Netflix offer but I already have Netflix.  Once you complete your offer log back into FreebieJeebies.  Mine showed offer complete immediately.  That means you can cancel your trail offer.  Then you have to refer your friends.  You can pick from lots of different items so the number of referrals depends on the item you choose.  I picked an I-phone which is 19 referrals.  You can track it all online.  Once 19 people sign up and complete an offer then you get your free item!  I'll keep you posted on mine.  Good luck!