Friday, February 20, 2009

Earn from Home

It's Friday so it is time for another edition of "Earn from Home". Today I am talking about Swagbucks. I have done a post on this before but I have now been usung it for a couple weeks and I wanted to give my opinion on if it is worth it or not. At first I wasn't that impressed but I realized the problem is me! I am really forgetful so I kept forgeting to use their search engine. I have started opening a Swagbucks window when I turn the computer on and then minimizing it until I need to search for something. Since then I have started earning a couple Swagbucks a day. Right now I am up to 20. I have only been really working at it a few days. A $5 Amazon gift card is 45 points so I am almost half way there. Since I am earning point for something I would be doing anyway I think it is worth it. I figure I can save my points to buy gift cards or gifts for people. If you have had an experience with Swagbucks good or bad please leave a comment below.