Friday, February 20, 2009

65% off your dinner out

If you are like me and have heard about but you haven't tried it out yet then here is the deal for you. Right now if you check out using code DINE then instead of paying $10 for a $25 certificate you will pay $2!! If you join Cashbaq first then you will get $5 for signing up and another $0.50 for buying your certificate through the link on their site. That means you spend $2 and get $5.50 in your Cashbaq account. Or you can just pay $2 for the certificate. Either way you will be getting a good deal. I bought three certificates. They are were all $2 each. They are good for $25 when I spend $35 so for $12 I will get a $35 meal out. That's over 65% off!! Let me know if you have questions and if it works for you. BTW you print this off your computer so if you buy one now you can use it tonight!

Happy Savings!