Thursday, August 25, 2011

National Waffle Day

Yesterday was national waffle day. Yes you read that right there is such a thing as national waffle day J Well that was all this Momma needed to know in order to break out the waffle iron for dinner. I decided that in celebration of waffles everywhere we would have to make them really special.

Then you tell your children they get to eat this for dinner you might get a face like this.

And then a plate that looks like this.

My five year old ate 5!! My three year old ate three bites and licked the toppings off the rest :-/

Still they had fun and it really made me think. They are small for such a short period of time and I really want them to have good memories of their childhood and remember all the fun times we had together as a family. These silly “holidays” are a great and inexpensive way to make memories with my kids. If you are looking to make your own memories today is National Banana Split Day! I think I’m going to like this! So if you are looking for a reason to celebrate today or any other day you can check the widget that I added to my side bar.