Friday, March 20, 2009

Movie Review

I just had a chance to preview the new "Read and Share DVD Bible" put out by the Thomas Nelson company. This move is great for anyone trying to share scripture stories with their toddler. There are thirteen stories on the disc. They start with the story of creation in the Old Testament and end with the story of the lost sheep from the New Testament. We use the King James version of the bible in our home so I found the stories to be very simplified. The language was much more casual than I was used to but my two year old loved it. I think it is a great tool to get the basic principles of the story across to young children. Each story is kept at 3 or 4 minutes so they would be great to use for lessons at home. My two year old sat and watched the entire disc though and wanted to see it again when it was over. She calls it the Jesus Movie. I thought they choose a good variety of stories dealing with different topics from both the Old and New Testament. This is Volume 1 and we will definitely be looking forward to seeing which stories are included in the next volume. I would recommend it for children up to age 6 or 7.