Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is really hard for me to say but...

Sorry guys there haven't been any posts because my computer is on the blink. In the last two days I haven't been able to get on much and when I do the computer constantly freezes up or takes a very long time to do anything. With all the extra time though I have found time to play with my kids more, get to the gym, and organize my house. That's a lot for 2 days!! I feel better and I think my family does too. Anyway with this being said I have decided to stop writing the blog. It makes me so sad. I just had business cards printed!! What am I going to do with all those business cards? So I will still be out there couponing, saving, and grabbing all the freebies I can I just won't be blogging about it any more. If you are looking for someone to replace me then here are a couple of blogs to take a look at if you don't already.

Money Saving Mom
A Frugal Friend
Everything Moms

I really thought about this a lot but after a lot of encouragement from my husband (to stop that is) I think it is just best for my family right now. I will miss sharing deals with you.

Thanks for reading!