Thursday, February 12, 2009

Earn From Home

The question I think I have gotten the most from friends, family, and blog readers is not about saving at all. Every time I tell someone I am trying to make this blog into a part time job they ask "How are you going to do that?" Well really you do it one penny at a time. As of today I have had this blog for two weeks. That is not very long to get an accurate idea of how much money I can make but I am making some so I thought I would answer everyone's question of how in this week "Earn From Home". There are lots of resources and books out there on how to earn money. I am only telling you what I do. There maybe a better way for you.

1. If you have a blogger account the easiest way to earn is to add Google AdSense to your blog. When you are customizing your blog and you click add a gadget you can select Google AdSense. It is very easy set up your account. You get paid for impressions which is when people look at your blog thus seeing the ads and you get even more if people click on the ads. You only make pennies unless people click on your ads. If someone clicks on one of my ads it seems like I get anywhere from 15¢-40¢ per click. I'm sure it depends on Google's deal with that advertiser. This is not a way to make a lot of money but it is easy and Google does all the work in choosing ads that fit the content of your blog.

2. The way I have made the most money is by being an Affiliate. There are tons of affiliate marketing companies but I only can tell you about the three that I work with. My favorite by far is Logical Media. With this type of advertising you only get paid if your readers click on the ad and follow through. With some offers all they have to do is provide an e-mail, sometimes they sign up to receive something, sometimes they have to purchase something. It depends on the campaign. You get paid a lot more per click. I have run lots of campaigns on my site already and the commission has ranged anywhere from 65¢-$9.50 per lead. I really like their site. It is easy to use and they have hundreds of campaigns to choose from so you can find advertising to fit your blog readers.

3. I also do affiliate advertising with Commision Junction. I haven't had much success with them but you might.

4. The last company I work with is They provide the coupon bar on the right side of my blog. I haven't made much with them but I get a little every time someone prints a coupon from my blog using the tool bar. I would probably have the tool bar there even if they didn't pay me because it is a great resource for my readers but don't tell them that. That is the most important thing I look for in advertising. Is it relevant to my readers. If it is something I think you can use or will help you save money or give you something for free then that's great. If not then it's probably not good for my blog.

This is a really long post. I hope it answered everyone's questions. If not then please contact me using the box on the right side of the blog.

Happy Savings (and hopefully earning)!