Friday, January 30, 2009

CVS 1/29

This sale ends tomorrow but here is an example of the great deals out there. If I can do it you can too!

After coupons and ECB (Extra Care Bucks) I got all this stuff for $10.03 OOP (Out of Pocket). Plus I have $5 in ECB for my next visit. So that is like getting everything for $5.03. Here is how I did it:
Trip #1
Head and Shoulders (2)@$4.99-(2)$1.00 Q (coupon)-(2)$3.00 ECB=$.99 each
Pantene (1)@$4.99-$2.00 Q-$3.00 ECB=FREE+$.01 profit
Pert (1)@$1.99-$1.00 Q=$.99
Gillette Hair Gel (2)@$4.99-(2)$2.00 Q (coupon)-(2)$3.00 ECB=FREE
I had $3.79 ECB from last week and did this in a couple transactions so I could use the ECB is was earning. I ended up spending $2.19 OOP and I had $3.00 in ECB left for my next visit. That is like them paying me $.81!!
Trip #2
Throat Coolers(2)@$4.99-BOGO Q-$9.98 ECB=FREE+$4.99 profit
Nasogel Nose spray(1)@$7.99-$2 Q-$7.99 ECB=FREE+$5.99 profit
CVS Q $3 off/$15 purchase
ECB used=$3.00
ECB earned=$17.97
I took the ECB from this transactions and bought
Pull-ups (1)@$10.00-$2.00 Q
Huggies(1)@$10.00-$1.5 Q-$5.00 EBC (for speanding $20 on Huggies products)
Sure deoderant(1)@$1.99-$1.00 Q
Shaving Cream(1)@$1.59
CVS Q $4 off/$20 purchase
ECB uses-$17.97
EBC earned-$5.00
I am just using this as an example of the great deals you can get out there.